I had also put alot of thought into what type of lights I wanted, they needed to be powerful and not too bulky.  I decided to get two KC Sealed Beam Daylighters to pierce the darkness ahead, and two Daylighter Flood lights for the sides so I could see what’s to the side of me.

Because of the custom nature of the setup I couldn’t use KC’s connectors, I soldered all the connections myself.  Each light has two wires coming out of it, a power and ground wire.  Each set of 2 lights combines its wires together so the two floods became two wires and the two Long Range lights became two.  The wires go down into the headliner by way of the roof rack footpad after passing through a 4 pin trailer connector.  Once inside the passenger compartment the ground goes to the nearest bolt connected to the chassis in the A- Pillar.  The power cables go down the A-Pillar, behind the dash and out the firewall through the clutch hole.  Then they travel along the back of the engine compartment to the relays along the passenger side of the engine compartment.  The Relays get power from the main accessory fuse mounted near the fuse box.lights

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