Forged Tow Hooks

Simply put, the stock tow hook sucks.  If it doesn’t get bent down on the trail it will get broken off by the trail.  Do yourself a favor and buy two forged tow hooks at the nearest 4×4 shop.  You want the three hole hooks instead of the two hole ones.  Use one to replace the stock hook, you’ll need some grade 8 bolts and nuts to put the other one on the opposite side.  It’s hard to get the bolts to drop down out of the frame so tie a string to the bolt in case you lose it while trying to get it in the hole you can pull it back out.  Once you have the bolts through, put the hook on, put the nuts on while trying to hold the bolt heads in the frame and tighten them as much as you can by hand.  Finally torque the nuts on tight, if you have an impact wrench you won’t have to worry about holding the bolts, the impact will tighten the nuts without the bolts slipping to much.  Without the impact wrench you might get lucky and the bolts will hold till they’re tight enough not to spin.  Otherwise do the best you can with your finger in the frame hole.towhook

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