Light Bar

I wanted to put the lights on the rack but I had to find a way to mount them solidly, it would be a pain if the vibrations off-road threw the aim of the lights off every trip out.  My original idea was to get an extra roof rack cross member and drill 4 holes in it to put the lights on.  I kept waiting and waiting then at GOX there was a guy selling some light bars that his brother had made in his shop.  They were perfect for what I wanted to do so I bought one then and there.  Since I didn’t want the lights on top all the time I decided to have a quick disconnect of some sort, 4 lights will only have 4 wires so a 4 connector plug put on the roof would allow me to disconnect the light bar and take it off.  That would discourage rednecks from stealing them, and branches from crushing them on day trails.lightbar


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