TJM T17 Bumper

Well I wasn’t planning on getting a new bumper for a while but thanks to a jackass cutting me off and responding to my horn with his brakes I had to get it replaced anyway.  I figured why put on $400 dollars worth of stock bumper if I’m going to take it off later.  Why not just put on a new bumper now?

I knew what I wanted in a bumper, it had to be capable of holding a winch but I didn’t want one that stuck out too far, it also had to be pretty tough, I had seen a few bumpers get twisted because the tires grabbed the “wings” when stuffed.  I liked the profile of the Shrockworks bumper but the 2000 version wasn’t ready yet, I liked the look of the TJM T15 but they weren’t available for another three months, the ARB was nice but on back order, and the Calmini stuck out too far.  Finally I decided to get the TJM T17, it didn’t have the headlight guard but that was ok, I could weld some on later.tjm


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