BFG 32″ Mud Terrain KM’s

My stock Long Trails got their use off road, by time I replaced them they weren’t much more than racing slicks; not only does that increase the chances of them failing, but they suck in any type of slippery situation.  I thought long an hard about whether to upgrade to BFG All terrain of Mud Terrains, and tried to decide between 31″s of 32″s.  The MT’s had more aggressive tread and could “paddle” through mud and snow, but they also dug holes in the ground faster and weren’t siped for winter driving.  The AT’s were siped and had better road manners but the tread wasn’t aggressive which could render me stuck in situations the MT’s could get me out.

 I decided to go all out and get the bigger 32″ Mud Terrains.tire


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