Optima Battery

After I got back from Iraq and took the Xterra out of storage the stock battery was long gone.  Since the stock battery is pretty weak anyway I was happy for a reason to upgrade, I had known for a long time that an Optima Yellow top battery was what I was going to get.  Optima batteries use a paste instead of liquid electrolyte so that there’s nothing to spill, so the Battery can be turned upside down or even cracked without spraying acid all over the place.

Optima’s come in two varieties, Red and Yellow, the Red has higher CCA’s for starting in cold weather but can’t be run down as many times as the Yellow.  The Yellow is a deep cycle battery, that means that you can run it down and recharge it more times before it dies permanently.  Since I plan on running lights and possibly later a winch the Yellow top was the best bet.optima


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