Trail Gear

gearThis is a List of the things I usually Carry in the Xterra, most of it is emergency gear in case I get stuck and need to get out or to survive for a few days if I can’t get out.  All fits nicely in the Xterra but takes up alot of the cargo area.  If I need to use the cargo area it is either emptied before or re-arranged to fit other things.  But I’ve rarely used it to carry anything else, I think the only time I emptied it out was to carry a keg for a party.  If I go camping the rear seats fold down for room for a tent, sleeping bags and pads, cooler, plastic bin full of food, and a stove.  If any extra gear is needed it usually goes on top in small Action Packers so that everything can be tied down.

Passenger Area

Glove Box
Spare Fuses
Tire Gauge
TeraFlex Tire Deflators
Pocket Road Atlas
Mini Maglite
Pen & Paper
Valve Stem Remover
Gerber Universal Tool
Front Area (Map Pockets etc.)
License and Registration
Local Maps
Hunting Knife
Owners Manual
4D Cell Maglite
Seat Backs
Windshield Sun Blocker
Mini Yellow Pages
Snowbrush/ice Scraper
Drink Cozy

Cargo Area

Cargo Area (loose)
Fire Extinguisher
2 Folding Chairs
Power Inverter
+7ft Blanket
5 gallons water
Paper Towels
Light Bar (when not mounted)
Hi-Lift Jack (on roof rack)
Stock First Aid Kit
chainbagChain Bag
Medium Duffel Bag
30ft Chain
100ft Emergency Climbing Rope (200 lb. working load)
roadsideRoadside Assistance Kit
50 Cal Ammo Can
Tow Strap
Jumper Cables
2 15min Flares
1 6sec Aerial Flare
Large Can of Fix-A-Flat
Folding E-Tool
emergencykitEmergency Assistance Kit
50 Cal Ammo Can
Duct Tape
Electrical Tape
Power Bond Tape
Valve Stem Cores
Instant Gas Tank Repair
Instant Radiator Repair
Contact Cement
Weld Stick
RTV Blue Gasket Maker
Match Solder
Mechanics Wire
4x4ft Sheet Heavy Duty Tin Foil
15ft Parachute Cord
Hose Repair Kit
Mini Pocket Knife
4 Spare Lugnuts

Storage Bag (in cargo area)

Storage Bag
Extra Large Duffel Bag
6×8 Tarp
Boonie Cap
Rain Gear
4 MRE’s
Roof Rack Net
Basket Case Net
Folding Saw
100 MPH Tape (Gaffer’s Tape)
100ft Trucker Rope
30ft 3″ Warn Yank Strap
Jack Mate
1 Gallon Gas Can
Miscellaneous Bungee Cordsduffelbag
Tool Settoolkit
SAE and Metric Sockets
SAE and Metric Wrenches
SAE and Metric Allen Wrenches
Needle Nose Pliers
Screw drivers
Warn Winch Accessory Kit

8ft Chain
8ft Tree Saver Strap
Leather Gloves
1 Large Shackle
2 Medium Shackles
Snatch Blockwarnkit
Miscellaneous Tool Box
Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord
2 10 Minute Flares
Vice Grips
Assorted Screwdrivers
Ratchet Tie Downs
4D Cell Batteriestoolsmisc
Tire Repair Kit
Rubber Cement
Insertion tooltirerepair
Day Pack (in cargo area)
Day Pack
Kelty Blanca 2000 Pack
Baby Powder
Bug Repellant
Platypus 2 Quart Water Bladder
Local Hiking Maps
Spare Pair of Socks
Space Blanket
Rain Poncho
Solid Fuel Stove with 8 fuel tablets
Can opener
2 quick-clips
Utah Plant ID book
Jolly Ranchers
Energy Bars
Tube Tent
Empty Water Bottle
Signaling Mirror
2 6sec Aerial Flaresdaypack
Tacoma Mountain Survival Kit
High Decibel Whistle
Cheap Compass
Pocket Knife
Tube Tent
Tea Bags
Salt & Sugar Packets
Beef Bouillon Packet
Pencil & Paper
25ft of Twine
Aluminum Foil
Ziploc Bag
Wire Ties
Survival Brochuresurvivalkit
First Aid Kitfirstaid
Band aids
Mole Skin
Pain Reliever
Rubber Gloves
First Aid Booklet





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